FW by John Gannon: Ignore everything in the market right now because unless another bitcoin fork comes around in the future, it isn’t likely going to happen again. The fork has basically tilted every coin, including ethereum, out of focus. Bitcoin presently is holding a 61.3% market dominance with over 90% of all investments resting within the top 10 coins. Ethereum isn’t dead, neither are any of the altcoins which have lost massive percentages over the past couple months. They’re just not being focused on at the moment. That can change in an instant. Buy and hold. That’s the advice. Get in at a price you’re comfortable with and simply ride it. After November, we are going to see some serious shit. 2017 was the year of bitcoin. 2018 will be the year of crypto. Invest now. Invest wisely.

在TRON的共识机制下,有限的高计算性能节点被用户选为网络维护节点,从而保证了整体网络的TPS维持在可接受的程度之上,实现了高吞吐的特点。 TRON独有的共识机制使得TRON网络的TPS远远超出Bitcoin、Ethereum等。 高TPS间接保证了TRON上所有运算的低延迟,可以使转账速度更快,赶上现有支付方式例如VISA、SWIFT的速度,从而使得日常支付成为可能。

Tron is the brainchild of millennial Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun. Instead of erecting yet another blockchain protocol aimed at unseating Ethereum, Justin took aim at the Internet itself and set out to create a decentralized version of the Internet with entertainment and gaming apps as his chosen niche. Hollywood could not have cast this movie any better: Justin is a protege of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, and has recruited senior Alibaba programmers to the Tron cause. Justin’s investors are the who’s-who of China, including other prominent businessmen supported by Jack Ma. It is my hypothesis that Jack Ma is either incubating the token to be used by Alibaba (the company that had a better year than Amazon and is racing toward a $500 Billion market capitalization), or he is more discreetly supporting Tron as an advisor or silent partner to Justin. Jack Ma has openly stated that he is not a fan of bitcoin, and humbly admits his lack of knowledge of the blockchain. But he does want to see wealth distributed more equitably and would naturally get behind a token such as Tron if it took off. A lot rests on Justin Sun’s shoulders and his ability to execute and bring honor to his Chinese backers. A lot also depends on the Chinese government and its loosening of Crypto trading regulations in China (something which I believe is inevitable). So far, Justin Sun has shown an incredible resilience and commitment to his project (much like a Chinese Mark Zuckerberg). This past fall, his ICO got caught in the crossfire of the Chinese clamp down on ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges, setting him back several months. But he pulled himself up by his bootstraps and with the help of exchanges such as Binance (known for supporting Chinese tokens), he re-launched Tron in Q4 of 2017. He has cut several partnership deals, bringing in millions of prospective customers, and has been working on a dog version of Cryptokitties (the popular virtual pet game that actually slowed down the Ethereum network). His flair for marketing and Twitter self-promotion (which may be off-putting to some in the West), is in fact an incredible asset over the long haul as mass awareness of his token — using all means available — becomes far more important than style points and message discipline. This is especially true for Justin’s asian and international fanbase, which doesn’t really care if he compares himself to a digital knight “tilting windmills” with CGI dragons. They just want him to continue being Justin and make Tron a big success.

With respect to how much TRX will be worth in a year, my guess is anywhere from $1 to $10. It may, in fact, go higher than this and confound crypto market watchers and analysts. I can see how $10 might seem totally implausible to some given the current circulating supply, total supply and market capitalization. But price is ultimately a function of supply and demand, and I think we will see Tron’s price be much spikier than everyone expects, especially if there is mass adoption in China and Asia by the end of 2018. Following are some of the factors that could help Tron break out: Justin Sun locks up (escrows) more tokens. Already 34251807523.9 TRX held by the Tron Foundation had already being locked up until January 1st, 2020. If more tokens are locked up and there is no perception that the management team is cashing out behind the scenes, Tron should continue to rocket upwards. Coin burning is implemented and investors see it actually working. Major partnerships are announced that give Tron a monopolistic advantage, especially in China and Asia. If Alibaba, for example, indicated that it was going partner with Tron, this would have a massive impact on price. The technology is benchmarked by some real world uses cases and shown to scale. China reverses its ban on crypto exchanges. That’s 1,412,435,000 people (as of January 10, 2018), which is 18.6 % of the total world population. If even a fraction of the Chinese population invests, Tron will shoot up in value. Tin hat types who wring their hands every time someone calls Tron a scam should not invest in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple have all been called scams (many many times). All three of these major coins have been criticized, dumped, and written off during their climb to the top. Tron will become one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, especially in the entertainment and gaming space. Invest early and hold. Ignore the FUD.

【波场TRON超级节点竞选点燃币圈】继波场公布《就超级代表选举,致波场社区的公开信》后,波场超级节点的竞选热度一直居高不下,据统计,目前宣布参加的机构已达八家,分别是:AntPool、GIFTO 、Odyssey (OCN) 、GSC、、Node Capital、LinkVC、Bitcoin God,此外波场社区中也有诸多KOL也宣布将会参与竞选。

然后 波场公链叫什么呀 像比特币的是bitcoin core, 姨太是ERC20 波场呢

【波场TRON发布超级代表竞选准则】2018年4月16日波场TRON在波场TRON官方微博(@波场TRON官博)正式公布波场TRON超级代表竞选准则,准则中列举了9条标准,拥有官方网址、提供公司信息、预算支出和技术方案、硬件扩容计划、年度社区支持计划、提供主要雇员的列表和照片、提供主要雇员的简介、拥有可供社区成员测试的节点、具有一定影响力的社区等。据悉当前已有包括蚂蚁矿池、、Gifto、Bitcoin God、LinkVC、Odyssey、AntPool、币信、Node Capital、MDT等近十几家社区宣布竞选波场TRON超级代表,超级代表报名网址为:


风无情 这个你打脸了 不好好看宝二爷的直播 还居然说他没投资TRX 你打开TRX的超级节点投资人 看看是不是有Bitcoin God

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Well, Ripple has a lot of backing, is a very active project and can be held long. So we can open a trade here, with very low risk and huge potential for rewards.  Here are some upcoming events, that can affect XRPs price in the near future:  - Uphold Listing (24 May). "You’ve been asking & we are excited to announce full support of $XRP will go live on Uphold May 24." Uphold is an exchange.  - ASROC Conference (16 June). "ASROC is a event and summit that solely examines trading of tokens, bitcoin, ethereum and alt coins," in Los Angeles, California.  - BAIConf London (18 June). Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference and Exhibition from Jun 18-19 at 8 Northumberland in London. 

今天 bitcoin eth 之类的被大投资商弄上去了。说明tronx不在他们投资1范围1之内

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『波场早报』  8月15日  周三   今日行情☞  市值排名: 11 人民币:0.14¥ 美元:0.020$ 24小时变化:9.95%  24小时交易量:1.13亿美金    最新资讯☞  ◎ 近日,据Ambcrypto报道,一家名为Bitcoin Superstore(比特币超市)的基于数字货币的在线零售商,宣布接受TRX作为支付选项 ◎ 2018年8月13日(新加坡时间),DAPPHOUSE以及EtherPoke正式宣布将参加波场TRON超级代表的竞选,并于波场SR论坛发布了竞选宣言。当前波场超级代表竞选者已达100余家,收获投票超50亿TRX ——————————————  波场TRON  ——————————————  微信公众号:波场TRON   微博:波场TRON官博  Twitter:@justinsuntron

『波场早报』  9月10日  周一   今日行情☞  市值排名: 13 人民币:0.135¥ 美元:0.0197$ 24小时变化:2.26%  24小时交易量:1.01亿美金    最新资讯☞  ◎ Traders union:Binance交易所与TRON为其交易者举办一场竞赛,用户分发100万个TRX ◎ 波场TRON|媒体声音 Bit-chain:Justin Sun认为TRON一定会比Bitcoin和Ethereum的网络更分散 ——————————————  波场TRON  ——————————————  微信公众号:波场TRON   微博:波场TRON官博  Twitter:@justinsuntron