Tron is the brainchild of millennial Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun. Instead of erecting yet another blockchain protocol aimed at unseating Ethereum, Justin took aim at the Internet itself and set out to create a decentralized version of the Internet with entertainment and gaming apps as his chosen niche. Hollywood could not have cast this movie any better: Justin is a protege of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, and has recruited senior Alibaba programmers to the Tron cause. Justin’s investors are the who’s-who of China, including other prominent businessmen supported by Jack Ma. It is my hypothesis that Jack Ma is either incubating the token to be used by Alibaba (the company that had a better year than Amazon and is racing toward a $500 Billion market capitalization), or he is more discreetly supporting Tron as an advisor or silent partner to Justin. Jack Ma has openly stated that he is not a fan of bitcoin, and humbly admits his lack of knowledge of the blockchain. But he does want to see wealth distributed more equitably and would naturally get behind a token such as Tron if it took off. A lot rests on Justin Sun’s shoulders and his ability to execute and bring honor to his Chinese backers. A lot also depends on the Chinese government and its loosening of Crypto trading regulations in China (something which I believe is inevitable). So far, Justin Sun has shown an incredible resilience and commitment to his project (much like a Chinese Mark Zuckerberg). This past fall, his ICO got caught in the crossfire of the Chinese clamp down on ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges, setting him back several months. But he pulled himself up by his bootstraps and with the help of exchanges such as Binance (known for supporting Chinese tokens), he re-launched Tron in Q4 of 2017. He has cut several partnership deals, bringing in millions of prospective customers, and has been working on a dog version of Cryptokitties (the popular virtual pet game that actually slowed down the Ethereum network). His flair for marketing and Twitter self-promotion (which may be off-putting to some in the West), is in fact an incredible asset over the long haul as mass awareness of his token — using all means available — becomes far more important than style points and message discipline. This is especially true for Justin’s asian and international fanbase, which doesn’t really care if he compares himself to a digital knight “tilting windmills” with CGI dragons. They just want him to continue being Justin and make Tron a big success.

TRON OFFICIAL MAIN GROUP TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. The Tron Protocol, one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world, offers scalable.

IBM and Salon Media are testing out a Proof of Concept ( PoC ) Blockchain product by Adledger for better digital advertisement transparency

落地应用最强公链,代码开源,主干网络已上线,能一口气(不换气)念完CAM目前落地名单的;或找到任一已上市项目落地应用更多更牛逼的,均奖励1BTC,其他项目方和业内媒体奖励翻倍,永久有效。定制版带私钥1BTC纪念币已准备好,欢迎来战 即将上一线平台,敬请关注,欢迎加入CAM中企矩阵电报群了解。
Hi guys! Here comes a new coin, that is unlike the others. What makes it different from the rest? Mogwai Coin is an experimental blockchain project, driven by the idea of adding gamification to the blockchain technology. Check out more details by joining our conversation. Join our Telegram Group or our Discord Channel Can’t wait to see you there!

Well, Ripple has a lot of backing, is a very active project and can be held long. So we can open a trade here, with very low risk and huge potential for rewards.  Here are some upcoming events, that can affect XRPs price in the near future:  - Uphold Listing (24 May). "You’ve been asking & we are excited to announce full support of $XRP will go live on Uphold May 24." Uphold is an exchange.  - ASROC Conference (16 June). "ASROC is a event and summit that solely examines trading of tokens, bitcoin, ethereum and alt coins," in Los Angeles, California.  - BAIConf London (18 June). Blockchain Alternative Investment Conference and Exhibition from Jun 18-19 at 8 Northumberland in London. 

The BEAT Blockchain provides a decentralized framework to share patient activity and health information across a range of applications and stakeholders. Benefits will be improved data integrity, decentralization, confidentiality and reduced transaction costs. Referral link:
【Intelligent Investment Strategy Platform of Total Ecology Blockchain】 Register to get digital capital IIC, Join Q&A to win 20000 IIC
【Intelligent Investment Strategy Platform of Total Ecology Blockchain】 Register to get digital capital IIC, Join Q&A to win 20000 IIC

21 Jun — Migration from ERC20 21 Jun — Bittrex Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Bitfinex Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Binance Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Gateio Exchange Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Zebpay Exchange Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Bithumb Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Coindelta Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — CoinEgg Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Bitbns Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Koinex Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 21 Jun — Cryptopia Supporting TRX Blockchain Upgrade 26 Jun — Super Representative Election tron go to moon

【MLG Blockchain成为波场第十三位超级代表】今日波场第十三位超级代表诞生,MLG Blockchain获得106,486,973票,成为第十三个出块的社区节点。MLG Blockchain是一家全球区块链开发和咨询公司,总部位于多伦多,在北美,欧洲和亚洲都有团队,专注于使用区块链和智能合约技术构建下一代应用程序。据悉,波场超级代表制度为总共27名超级代表,100名候选代表,每6小时进行一次票数更新,全网GR被民选SR全部替换后,波场正式上线。当前正在出块的超级代表有12位,投票总额为5,003,259,411TRX。

『波场早报』  7月28日  周六   今日行情☞  市值排名: 11 人民币:0.25¥ 美元:0.037$ 24小时变化:2.66%  24小时交易量:2.21亿美金    最新资讯☞  ◎ 波场第十三位超级代表诞生,MLG Blockchain获得106,486,973票,成为第十三个出块的社区节点 ◎ 2018年7月27日(新加坡时间),uTorrent在其官网上宣布将竞选波场TRON超级代表,并于波场SR论坛发布了竞选宣言 ◎ 2018年7月27日(新加坡时间),BitTorrent在其官网上宣布将竞选波场TRON超级代表,并于波场SR论坛发布了竞选宣言。据悉当前波场超级代表竞选者已达70家,收获投票超50亿TRX 波场TRON  ——————————————  微信公众号:波场TRON   微博:波场TRON官博  Twitter:@justinsuntron

您好: 下面是关于tron系统为基础的医疗blockchain(区块链)’Medi information‘ 的品牌首发介绍。 ’Medi information‘ (以下简称MI)是以提供医疗信息,临床研究资料以及个人医疗服务为主的医疗blockchain操作平台。 通过MI,在世界各地都可以打破语言障碍接收到个人的诊疗记录并且享受到相对应的医疗服务。医生也可以通过个人医疗履历来提供正确有效的诊疗。同时临床研究者也可以通过各种各样标本来进行新的医学研究以及药物开发。 为了普及使用此平台,现阶段正在积极采集各大医院医生与临床研究学者的建议以及意见,并且已经开始与各大医院以及医疗相关人员进行实质性的协商。 点击链接进入获取更多详细信息。 点击链接进入搜索以及购买’Medi information‘

『波场早报』  8月12日  周日   今日行情☞  市值排名: 11 人民币:0.16¥ 美元:0.023$ 24小时变化:-0.42%  24小时交易量:1.22亿美金    最新资讯☞  ◎ 波场TRON区块链浏览器上线“一键查询基金会锁仓账户”功能。为保护锁仓人地址,便于锁仓人更好的查询锁仓情况,在“基金会地址”中,用户可直接看到锁仓地址及余额 ◎ 2018年8月10日(新加坡时间),波场TRON确认完成收购“BlockChain.Org”域名 ——————————————  波场TRON  ——————————————  微信公众号:波场TRON   微博:波场TRON官博  Twitter:@justinsuntron

『波场早报』  8月22日  周三   今日行情☞  市值排名: 12 人民币:0.144¥ 美元:0.021$ 24小时变化:-0.42%  24小时交易量:1.02亿美金    最新资讯☞  ◎ 波场TRON|BT收购进展 BitTorrent现在成为波场项目的存储事业部(Storage Business Unit),在其多年的专业技术积累下,为波场网络提供去中心化的网络存储解决方案,同时维持现有各产品线的运营 ◎ 波场TRON|旧金山开发者会议 波场TRON位于美国旧金山的团队举办了第一次开发者见面会,会议于2018年8月16日晚7:30-10:00在旧金山总部召开,60多位开发者出席了此次见面会 ◎ TRXMarket获得112,322,680票,成为第二十一个出块的社区节点; BlockchainOrg获得119,129,161票,成为第二十二个出块的社区节点,全网GR被民选SR全部替换后,波场正式上线 ——————————————  波场TRON  ——————————————  微信公众号:波场TRON   微博:波场TRON官博  Twitter:@justinsuntron

『波场早报』  8月23日  周四   今日行情☞  市值排名: 12 人民币:0.14¥ 美元:0.020$ 24小时变化:-6.11%  24小时交易量:0.96亿美金    最新资讯☞  ◎ 波场收购BitTorrent这一消息,不仅在国内外的社区引发强烈的反响,同时也收到了来自韩国著名媒体《首尔经济》的分部decenter的专访邀约。波场CEO孙宇晨接受专访,并对于收购一事及日后的规化,进行了详细的回答 ◎ TRX即将登陆Allcoin交易平台,8月22日开启充提,24日开启交易 ◎ BlockchainOrg获得158,944,555票,成为第二十三个出块的社区节点;DAPPHOUSE获得109,194,465票,成为第二十四个出块的社区节点,全网GR被民选SR全部替换后,波场正式上线 ——————————————  波场TRON  ——————————————  微信公众号:波场TRON   微博:波场TRON官博  Twitter:@justinsuntron

『波场早报』  9月30日  周日   今日行情☞  市值排名: 13 人民币:0.15¥ 美元:0.022$ 24小时变化:2.42%  24小时交易量:1.04亿美金    最新资讯☞  ◎ 波场TRON|阿媒报道 阿拉伯知名媒体BitChain发布了一篇关于波场的文章,题目为“在TRON基金会转移到其主要网络之后,销毁了49亿TOKEN从ERC-20”。BitChain的目标是通过提供有关虚拟货币在世界上的最佳新闻来挑战观众的思维并推动他们进行批判性思考,特别强调加密货币,BlockChain技术和相关金融部门 ◎ 波场TRON|俄媒报道 俄罗斯媒体Bitnovosti发布了一篇关于波场的文章,题目为“TRON计划将TRX集成到BitTorrent生态系统中”。BitNovosti是领先的俄语信息资讯平台,它涵盖区块链技术,加密货币及相关主题货币系统的运作历史和机制等 ——————————————  波场TRON  ——————————————  微信公众号:波场TRON   微博:波场TRON官博  Twitter:@justinsuntron