Is this a officiall Tron Channel?

Shouldn’t this be TRON UK?

Given its Wales, Scotland and NI too?

Can u tell me when the price is expected to go up ?

No i am serious i mean if you’re kinda know about crypto i am just new to it

I know that my question is different 🤣🤣🤣

Be patient and hold ur money. TRX is a winner. 💰 💰

Yeah bro TRX XRP and ETHER

And Don’t forget XVG

Yeah somehow that’s the problem

Well Chinese aren’t that stupid if tron can make it easy for them then all good

This is a world wide issue every government faces, I’m intrigued that the UK government has said nothing yet. Lots of peeps in China, TRX could just be the start for the East. I doubt it will be big in the West but I’m betting on huge scope for Asia! If they partner with SpaceChain too (this is only rumour at this point), that’s a huge PR upgrade for TRX.

Whether TRX has a coin burn or not, and if their main net platform takes off, could see a difference between .30$ and 1$, but with the market cap, TRX is definitely a long HODL for any big returns.

Exactly, not in the next few years!

I’m not sure how the market cap will be affected when they switch to their own main network rather than the Ethereum network. Will be interesting...

I know, same setup, different purpose.

Ripple in my opinion is used more than tron

I think TRX has the same thing, with millions of people holding it and using it, it could need to large too. I guess it’s all about scaling for more people.

More yeah but if they burn it, it will be more expensive

The problem is then the BTC problem. Too expensive for the general public (by perception I mean)

Definitely! I’ll take a look at Steem. You think that it’s a good investment?

That’s good to know!

Looks interesting! People give to each content creator by the looks.

Lol. Shame YouTube are driving everyone away to Patreon and Twitch! Looks like DTube is all in one.

Lol! Let’s hope! 🤞🏻

Oha so many user 24

Hope you didn’t follow through!

Fortunately not

So is Tron a bullshit coin all what, don’t be offended, just after people opinion; pros cons?

I think it’s one of the future used of blockchain in Asia. Not many in the West appreciate how savvy people are and how normal this type of thing is. You?

I’m still in two minds about it, a lot of crap going around about it, it is difficult to separate the shit from the truth

That’s true. Also they need a marketing team, cause their sites poor and Justin’s tweets are airy fairy. Hopefully when San Francisco office opens they’ll sort their shit out!

I work in the legal industry and China is an untapped market for work. While the West struggles with politics, they’re becoming a superpower with booming economy. In crypto terms, I think they could lap this up, especially if it’s integrated into apps and services. Just like PayPal is here.

In agree with that, I’m hoping Tron gets integrated with Alibaba with the Justin / Jack Ma connection. Major potential there

Well I’m hoping anyway! 🙄

It might not even be TRX but the platform similar to OCoin which makes Tron successful.

it’s like BTC is blockchain v1, ETH v2, Cardano & Tron v3