how legit is this and what happens if you made a payment into the BTC account after the closing of the giveaway?

After the Mainet gets up and running Where does one store their Tron tokens?

thisngroup is dull

what's the main group please

any info on the prospect of tron after the mainnet launch?

Hi admin so is main net launched?

TRON is now live

Do I have to move my $TRX or just let it on the exchange? #migration

I have mine at Gate io... ok there..??????

Look like it is.. Thanks....

One boring group.

This is a new group

We will want to know what’s going on

Bit definitely not on here

Why tron price still down while whole market is in green

Is there an admin I can talk to?

Somebody know... If you have TRX on exchange, you must do anything?

this seems to be the official englisg group for tron but it doesnt seem to be the most active in regards to information/updates etc ? can anybody recommend what the most informative trx channel is ?

@TRONkevin 波场TRON - to clarify, we deposit TRX in the approved exchanges (e.g. Binance) by 20 June and they will do the swap automatically for us?

Our country of residence doesn't matter right? just select any of the approved exchanges.

This group is awfully quiet ... and no pinned messages etc

where are the admin?

They're counting their money from the fools who invested in TRX. Like me 🤣

Hi I have been holding tron for a long time do I have to do anything with my trx now main net is here do I need to register them or anything

There was 100k people in this group during the TRX live stream now there’s 1500. Wow lol.

Where is the whole community??

What's up with Justin sun guys

He just fucked tron to the max and v crashing... Yes I know I just joi the group.. Admin just list u fucks... Before banning me .. I invested 5 million trons here 30th May because of ur stupid piece of shit boss made stupid announcement on 31st in a fucking room full of idiotic people n still not main net... Till mid Jun.. Ask ur boss to fuck his ass before asking others to fuck his ass hole deep.... Fuck u tron bastards

Fuck TRON U bastards... I lost 10k usd bcos of piece shit like ur sun shit tron bastards!!!!!!!!

someone needs a hug