atomic wallet. was listed on tron website as wallet

can you go into tron main chat and ask mod to unban me? i posted a link and i think the6 banned me for that. say i am really sorry.

Can i send a created tron token - to another tron only wallet

A3 1.4K
Hey Beaves

u still gambling 24 hours a day for those free cones?

At the moment I am break even

With the 11500 coins I made on top

I hope I can get a good price for them

Why TRON Foundation TRX is one of the most profitable altcoins to invest https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5060511.0

what is your opinion about trx

I see many overseas investors like trx very much

I want to know why

quick question: i hold some trx on bittrex... (i think) Arm my trx on bittrex OK or should I somehow make a swap to TRON20 tokens?

Hello Group, Did you know you could win $1,000 from Satowallet Video Contest? See on Twitter @Satowallet

Are my TRX token on Bittrex safe? Are those TRX token the new TRON20 token or are they old worthless ERC20 tokens?

Dumitru PET
It seems that the problem is from Cryptopia even if the transaction is completed.

Hi dumitru, Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve your issue. We are confirming that your withdrawal of 10000.1 TRX has now been cancelled for the following reason: Transaction failed to broadcast You are now able to withdraw/trade these funds as you wish. If you have additional issues unrelated to this ticket we ask that you open a new ticket so we can properly diagnose them for you. We apologise for any inconveniences caused. If we have provided you with a resolution to the ticket created, please select "Accept Solution" located in the top right of the page. If however, you feel that your issue has not been resolved please select "Reject Solution". We would love to hear the experience you've had with Cryptopia Support, you can rate your experience after this ticket is closed, or from the email that has been sent to your email address. Kind regards, Emma

Hi @PiterSpain, I dropped you a PM, would love to hear back from you. :)

Is there an admin to talk about token status on tronscan?

is it worth to set up full node masternode on vps?

Watch "TRON Developer Meetup - October 2018" on YouTube https://youtu.be/hvwZoOIuOm4
Dear Tron community, BCoin is doing a community voting to find out from you which coins will go to the moon in 2019! TRX is already in 1st place!! Please vote for your favourite coin here: https://twitter.com/BCoinsg/status/1057485096037609473
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I would like to talk free exchange listing for tron .. Can you please see my DM


Thanks .. can you apply the listing form for tron?

5year after one TRX price your idea ?

On tron scan do we vote every day or just leave it once we have voted