Good Morning Everyone!

Hello every one, do you have any new from : tronstronics develop, roadmap etc ???

Is there any admin I can contact for a proposal for free listing at the upcoming emblem vault by circuits of value?

hi, is it still possible to do token swap?

I am feeling like I hope TRX goes away and dies like it probably will since I paid for TRX at BitFlip and for months have waited paitently to be able to send it and now my account is gone.

I have had real TRX in addition to ERC-20 TRX wallets at CoinPayments waiting patiently but they would not let you send it. Also daily people would claim they did not recieve the BTC they sent out.

(in their "trollbox" as they call it)

What's the future of tron

I was wondering if i could have a talk with the person on telegram that knows the most about tron or most I have a few questions...please and thanks


Hi admin is there any update or road map for project atlas?

When will allnews great partnerships and new dapps have imapct on price?

@admin Can I send TRX, BTC or ETH to my Tron Mainnet account address? I just want to ensure I can't only send TRX

anything exciting coming soon for tron

Hello any admin?

WIN 20,000 TRX WORTH $200 USD Real or fake?

hey when the new exchanges will be?

CryptoConnect Apolloconnect
The top 5 most refferels only WIN?

Giveaway period: 2018/11/02 15:00 to 2018/11/12 15:00 (UTC) Prize pool: 100,000 TRX Number of winners: Five, determined by a random draw Winners will be notified by e-mail in 5 days after contest conclusion.

Who should I contact for business cooperation?Can someone assist?😁

what's our price prediction for tron in the next bull run