I had purchased 300000 EDN on DEX promoted by TRONSCAN Now the same have been removed. How tronscan can allow scam coins to be listed and then removed. Tronscan need to compensate all the investors who have purchased EDN on DEX immediately

The token wasn't promoted. Just listed. At the same time Tian was warning in the official Main group of the error. If you need more help should contact with any email account listed in official site

Even it is mentioned that DEX is verifying all the coins put up for listing and are available for trade only after 72 hrs from applying

But how listing can be done by Tronscan without verifying tje credentials and putting investors to risk of losses

Was an error i think. I think because i don't know exactly. Please write your complaint to And remember, always do your own research #DYOR 🙏🏼

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