Ripple used by banks they can do anything with ripple

not complete. This one is complete BITKOP Bibox Binance Bit-Z Bitbns Bithumb BitTrex Bitfinex Bithumb Bitopro Bitpie Bixin Cobinhood CoinEGG CoinTiger Coindelta Coinfalcon Coinnest Coinrail Coinspot Cryptopia DragonEx Huobi.Pro Koinnex Lbank Liqui Exchange OEX OKEX OTCBTC RightBTC Upbit WazirX Zebpay

They have also gone to the Supreme Court to fight a case against the current calls made by the government.. And the case looks like it will go in favor of crypto so I don't think that the banking institutions will have a prob post that hearing

Nitin Vaid | Bitbns: Please read this not gonna repeat it again I know you all are worried even in situations if RBI banks anything We have Plan B so everything will work smoothly

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Which exchange support migration TRX?

That is the list of supported exchanges: 1 Bi 2 Bibox 3 Binance 4 Bitbns 5 Bitfinex 6 Bitforex 7 Bithumb 8 BITKOP 9 Bitpie 10 Bittrex 11 Bit-Z 12 Bixin 13 CEO 14 COBINHOOD 15 Cobo 16 CoinBene 17 CoinEgg 18 CoinEx 19 Coinnest 20 Coinoah 21 CoinTiger 22 Cryptopia 23 DragonEX 24 Gateio 25 HPX 26 Huobi 27 Indodax 28 Koinex 29 Lbank 30 Liqui 31 Livecoin 32 Max Exchange 33 Mercatox 34 OkCoin-kr 35 OKEx 36 OTCBTC 37 RIGHTBTC 38 Upbit 39 Zebpay

it just show how scared the banks are of the coin

⚖️⏳July 3, the Supreme court will be hearing the appeal for extension from Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) against the Reserve Bank of India decision.

July 5th.... Bankings in India get their ass fucked.

I wish people would get a clue that cryptos are not in a Bear Market.. They are being price manipulated by Central Bankers who can push and pull billions of free money printed out of thin air into the markets..

Unlike the Ripple which targets the banks.

Dont go on twitter. There bashing tron. Seemed many expected a sharp rise in price with mainnet launch and the coinburn. Now binance is having a 10 million tron give away contest this week which will be taking the price up and down. Cant wait to see what the suprise is june 30th. But as a token and young coin. Justin sun and his team have held to all promises and key dates with updates. Leaving ethereum and even having a huge bounty for anyone to find security flaws. Trx is making real partnerships that matter and will give ethereum a run for its money by 2020 for app development and every day usage for payments in gaming and media. People need to relax and stock up at 4 cents. I remember buying bitcoin for 1$ and it took 7 years before it blew up. Tron works. Has a million holders. Alibaba. BitTorrent for media and gaming outlets to decentralize the media available. Its super fast. Secure. And super cheap compared to bitcoin and ethereum. As soon as the daaps get going and building on trons new blockchain more coins will be burned and this coin will rise to 1$ and beyond and never look back. Grab it now while you can own 50k of them without breaking the bank. Then hold until 2020. Cash out at 3$ or higher for nice profits. Tron and justin and alibaba and the connections he has made with vsport which is in the world cup currently involved in nutrition and using a soccer focused blockchain. They partnered with shiftmarkets a young brokerage company and exchange to branch out and partnered with D2f a solid company in media and mobile devices with 70 employees working on the blockchain daaps and smart contracts. And tron was already solid with just binance but is now listed on multiple exchanges. Crypto kitties and dogs. Video games. Music . Videos. This will put the control and profit in the hands of the creators similar to what youtube has done for so many people. Believe in trx. Just give it some time. Every coin bitcoin ethereum etc is having a tough year but tron has stayed stable with over a million different coin holders. Crypto is young. Have faith and hold. There are only a few solid projects i support. Trx. Ven. Ncash. Are 3 that are still cheap. Solid ideas with teams behind them working to thrive by 2020. Just stock up on those 3 at minimum and hold people if u missed the bitcoin blow up. There are plenty of chances still left

but the funny thing is, the governments and the banks need crypto and they know it

even the government doesnt like everyone to know how they spend their money, so do banks

Haven’t we had enough of the Banking Cartel printing fiat currencies “out of thin air” only to make us poorer and work harder?

Can't be sure enough with this crypto banking in dev mode

Looking forward to when all this craziness of the bear market is behind us. When mass adoption happens and Tron and CTRX hoDlers are laughing all the way to the bank. #tronstrong

when bankruptcy ?

i'm here so Tron is 1 way connection or 2 way connection??? 1 way connection refers to a conversion path only in the crypto exchange whereas 2 way connection refers to the conversion of buy and sell through fiat (like bank / paypal) to tron ​​and major crypto to tron

Hello is anyone using BitPie wallet here ? Months after coin swap I still can't take out my coins from BitPie bank. Any ideas ?

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