Bittrex token migration complete tronics, vote Team Tronics :D

so when sending TRX tokens to Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex or similar exchanges whom support the migration, they automaticly swap it to your TRX walllet

hello, i'm trying to send trx from bittrex to mew through trezor and it fails, any ideas?

I transfer from bittrex to binance- its amazing, transaction completes in seconds with very less fees...I love u tron.

Guys my trx are on Bittrex. Do i have todo something? Or all is going automaticly?

I transfer trx from bittrex to binance, it takes only 10 seconds to complete transaction,😘 this is really amazing, it's faster than Ltc, Bch, This quality makes trx soon in Top 5 and hopefully 1$ soon.

quick question: i hold some trx on bittrex... (i think) Arm my trx on bittrex OK or should I somehow make a swap to TRON20 tokens?

Are my TRX token on Bittrex safe? Are those TRX token the new TRON20 token or are they old worthless ERC20 tokens?