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Remember this is having the opportunity to get in before and at the same time as venture capitalists and Huge Institutional investors. Normally they always get the best time, but not with Crypto... It's Fair Game. Good Luck and don't be persuaded to sell or to buy. DYOR and HODL baby!!!!. Like the Blockchain, We the future guys. Time to get Lit!!

How to TronWallet Tutorial – Getty/IO Blog - Javascript, AWS & Blockchain

anyone having a problem with ? I can log into my account but apart from the blockchain dropdown nothing else is working .

Exciting time at #AWSSummit learning alot on how #aws can help us with our #tarq loving the knowledge of the people and the helpfulness of many. #tron #Tronics #blockchain

excatly @Blockchainwhale well written

@afterglow14 Noooooo. Imtoken is an erc20 wallet. Tron is not an erc20 token anymore. We have our own blockchain.

R Here Is Why Bitcoin (BTC) Does Not Need the SEC, Wall Street and an ETF to be Great

Globalcoinreport not a good source for crypto altcoin or blockchain news that pos lt their opinion not facts

Update 🔥 - All the locked Tron Foundation addresses can now be viewed at Coming Soon ⚡ - Trezor Support - Directly buy Tron with USD or EUR in your Tronscan wallet

Update 🔥 - All the locked Tron Foundation addresses can now be viewed at Coming Soon ⚡ - Trezor Support - Directly buy Tron with USD or EUR in your Tronscan wallet

Ok I see, I have 1 bitcoin on mine, I am assuming it is a fake one then as i certianly did not send it there lol

That would be nice if it was real!, but I'm guessing it's a token created on the Tron blockchain. You can have a look at existing tokens, participate and create your own tokens on Tron Scan

How will those coins that are created on the tron blockchain be traded?

Send old TRX (erc 20 )on one of 3 permanent exchange (⚠on their ETH adress) they will swap automaticly your tokens in new TRX on the right blockchain

Ricky Love
I think #tron is becoming next XRP

how so? we are about to luanch TVM and they aqcquired bittorrent with 100m users and blockchain org

Is tron having their own blockchain or actually the same one as eos? partnership maybe?

🔥#TRON virtual machine launch event. 📡Blockchain the global ecosystem, #TRON to the future. 📹Please wait for the live stream on 09:30am, August 30 (SGT), there will also be a lottery draw, see you there. 👇#TRX $TRX - TVM - PROJECT ATLAS - AND OTHER PROJECTS Exact date inside 👇🏼
mr zule
we need more than white paper

We have a Blockchain, Virtual Machine and BitTorrent protocol. This is a project with less than a year. What more do you need? 😅

Working as Blockchain developer here at Wipro mainly worked with ethereum Quorum and hyperledger Want to try Tron so need some help with getting started If anyone can guide that will be really great. Thanks in advance

Project Atlas Research Survey: Share your thoughts on this survey and contribute to Project Atlas, the future of the Blockchain!

Then something is wrong in your wallet, address or conexion. The blockchain is working. Send me a PM

Project Atlas Research Survey: Share your thoughts on this survey and contribute to Project Atlas, the future of the Blockchain!
Team Helios We have started our first project. Stratus Cloud is a decentralized storage platform that will use blockchain technology to secure all your data. The Stratus Cloud Storage Platform is going to prefect decentralized cloud storage, by using Tron’s Network. Using Tron’s Network, we will be able to create a data storage that is more reliable and lower cost than centralized cloud storage providers. You can check us out our token Stratus (STS)
Ryan Opone
Just +2% whole day??

U call it just. If u invest $20m yestersay, how muvh wpuld u have earn today? Then ask yourself, does two percent profit what it? Lets avoid greed and look at the usecase of blockchain

how about transaction finality?

my team is figuring out a right blockchain for our dapp..we are thinking about tron and eos. eos has half a second blocktime and 1 sec finality. why would i wanna chose tron over eos?

Yes but not shown in blockchain

Pls help me my trx withdawals from exchange not shown in blockchain more than 24 hours now ,exchanges say we will send funds

My tx hash not shown in blockchain whats going on

My tx is not appear in blockchain even after 24 hours exchange says i will send it

Hey Tron people -- I'm currently taking a look at ETH blockchain data to see what people did with Tron's airdrop tokens. What questions are you interested in finding out?

Hello Tron, I'm currently writing a new article for Invest In Blockchain, and I have a question for you guys. Multiple websites are reporting a Tron Developer Conference that will take place in January 2019 in San Francisco. They even quote the Tron team, but don't provide links or citations. The website created for the conference shows a 404 error. Is this event taking place? Has it been rescheduled, or all out canceled? I can't find anything about it from the Tron team. Thanks!

Saw that on CriptoMapia it says "TRON aims to be a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform eventually leveraging blockchain and peer-to-peer network technology." And it says that TRON is kind of Middleware services. I was sure that TRON is only for gaming...

Tronstronics: Hello everyone we have had major development on our exchange project this has made us needing to change some directions. We have made quicker progress than we projected internally we will be sending out our screen shots of the exchange on wed We have also partnered with block chain real estate. A cloud based real estate company that will be world wide. They will have all transaction buying and selling go through our exchange. The capability to buy and sell in crytpo. Moving all property on the block chain so that they are able to transfer deeds along with crypto. This is to verify deeds and property on the blockchain

Is there a website build on from blockchain out there

The problem is that people without so much knowledge can be deceived by scams using the same name of the token, I think the tron should stand out in this detail, type if I create a name for a token this name should be unique in blockchain, type a domain of site, impossible to have the same name registered with the same tld