we are rewarding businesses to use trx we have 5 set up ready to go

then it will blow up and in no time we will be up to 500 businesses

Boy Bitcoin
Then stop moaning

I will do the fu*ck I want. You mind your business

There is nothing wrong for TRON to be accepted as an option payment in Pornhub. This will certainly augurs well in strict business sense as more people are acknowledging the power of TRON. I just cannot imagine how far the price of TRON will go when ALIBABA accepts TRON as another option of payment.

Julian krill AU
Eos launch destroyed consumer confidence. Take a squiz at vechain or ontology....both had main net releases over the weekend

VeChain is sorting some aspects out but they do have a platform to compete with I had been hearing about, that is very attractive to incentivize towards businesses

We would like to remind everyone that we are the only SR that is giving rewards to businesses and you the tronics. Please go to our twitter and see our pinned message. Youtube tronstronics. Every vote counts and be a monthly Platinum Elite Tronic member. Find at tronstronics. org

we need every vote. you will be the reason why we are in the top 27. us together will make a change and make a difference in the world. you will benifit from rewards. you will benifit from businesses using #trx as they will be reward members. vote for #tronstronics and help make your #trx stronger

Tronstronics: The way we start to get to business is to use #TX to get it in the day.We have some exciting news on Friday we move forward in this process.Being able to use #trx in a real life situation.

Biggest Bitcoin Scam in India 1.60 lakh BTC scam Congress alleges Rs 5,000 crore bitcoin scam in BJP ruled Gujarat, demands probe New Delhi: The Congress on Thursday alleged a multi-crore scam of converting black money through 'bitcoin' transactions in Gujarat and demanded an apex court-monitored judicial probe into it. Party spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil alleged that a 'Bitcoin Scam' of over Rs 5,000 crore has surfaced in Gujarat, with some saying that it is to the tune of Rs 88,000 crore, and charged that the state's top BJP leadership was involved in converting black money through hawala transactions. οΏΌ File image of Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil. News18 Hindi He also alleged there were reports of the state police "blackmailing" some businessmen in Surat for "extortion" and named a former BJP MLA as one of the 'kingpins'. "We demand an impartial Supreme Court-monitored judicial investigation in this maze of 'Mega Bitcoin Scam' so that the truth comes out," he told reporters. Gohil, who hails from Gujarat, said the "mega bitcoin scam" has been unravelled by the state police but none of the kingpins has been arrested. He said there is suspicion of involvement of some top BJP leaders in this "massive cryptocurrency" scam and that they are "absconding". The Congress leader alleged that this Bitcoin cryptocurrency scam is being used to convert their black money and used for extortion from other businessmen in the state. He alleged that this is a "multi-layered" scam where illegal hawala transactions, kidnappings, extortion of cryptocurrency using government authorities at the behest of top BJP leaders in Gujarat has become a norm. Gohil cited the case of one Shailesh Bhatt from whom the Amreli district police allegedly extorted 200 bitcoins (worth Rs 10 crore) and demanded Rs 32 crores in cash. An FIR has been registered in connection with this case, he said. He said investigative agencies have found that purported CCTV footage of the alleged police extortion was true and therefore Amreli SP Jagdish Patel and Police Inspector Anant Patel, with his accomplice police inspector and 10 constables were arrested. The CID then discovered that the mastermind of this 'Mega Bitcoin Scam' was none other than a BJP leader and a former MLA who is now absconding, he alleged. He further alleged that this leader has put out a video threatening that he will expose all involved in the scam if he is arrested. The Congress leader alleged that the CID Crime, Gujarat is trying to pressure witnesses of this case for political reasons. He alleged that it was surprising to find Bhatt as the main accused in another FIR, whereas he was the original complainant in the case. "It is intriguing that the Modi government sends in CBI/ED/Govt authorities to hound Gujarat Congress MLAs as well as Karnataka Congress candidates during elections, when the code of conduct is on. But it does not bother to investigate this 'Mega Bitcoin Scam'," he said. The "absconding mastermind" BJP leader made serious allegations of how top leaders of the party are linked with this entire saga of illicit money transactions, he added. "Why did the investigation agencies not make Shailesh Bhatt a 'complainant' in the FIR that was filed in the first case? Why are the CBI/ED/Central authorities not investigating this 'Mega Bitcoin Scam'? Who are they sheltering? What is the cover-up?" he asked.

Either way tbh i came here for the money and to create a business in the future of money

I agree cheap is relative. Never said that wasn't. Said it is cheap I believe for what the future holds. Trx will improve much I bet with how the business itself is moving @Tronfoundation hello #TRONICS #cryptocurrency #blockchain #tron we would like to five an update of who we are and what we are all about. Also why you should vote for the only #TRONSR that rewards businesses for using #trx

Tron and Binance are the leaders in this movement, they are the ones threatening the old ways of business so of course the ones that are most threatened will complain the most. Adapt to this movement or get pushed out of the way @Tronfoundation hello #TRONICS #cryptocurrency #blockchain #tron we would like to five an update of who we are and what we are all about. Also why you should vote for the only #TRONSR that rewards businesses for using #trx

Tronstronics: Good morning. Big news as we have started development of our payment system as we will use for businesses in the future. There are NO limits to how far we will go. Imagine everything that we have now in the world... but decentralized

I’m just trying to grow my business with tron players

It's the way Chinese do business. Good business starts with building a large community and a great idea. Then let the community make it. πŸ˜‰

Can someone from the tron team hook me CEO. I have business proposals

Tronstronics: We are going over our. Business plan and making sure that we are in the best position to make a bigger and quicker impact in the payment sector. Meaning faster roi. Tarq dividends for all token holders. If you are apart of tarq you will be one of the fortunate in this cyrpto market

Tarq is our token that we made on tronscan. We were going to make on ETH but we waited for the better option and we are glad we did. We are a payment solution. For sending payments and exchanging between all border. This will include but not limited to businesses payment, transfers and exchanges.

Is tron price being affected by the SR votes as the SRs need to sell there tron to support the business?

Tronstronics: Man.. oh man. I have to say we have made alot of contacts today. If anything we are getting the Tarq name out there with the crytpo world. The business man coming out of me today. For sure!!! Exciting when I excite myself... I promise you everyday every week the more familiar we get with the crypto world how it works. What to say and what not to say... hmmmm The end of the day. It's ALL BUSINESS baby!!! How many corps own multiple companies in the world? How many companies in the world are profitable by only having : 1 location, 1 use, 1 team, 1 idea? The best companies in the world own multiple companies and are always developing thier people. Same will go for crypto and Tarq. It's so much more than just Payment solutions. Everyone have a great weekend.

Vote Team Helios on tronscan! Stratus will fundamentally change your every day operations in life! Stratus is a decentralized cloud system that will allow individuals and businesses alike to store and send large data files!

Hello everybody. May one of the admins drop me the email-contact of your business-development- department?

Hello, I'd like to talk about business cooperation. Who should I talk to, please?

Who should I contact for business cooperation?Can someone assist?😁