ANNOUNCEMENT In order to ensure sustainable development, as well as to address technical issues in ecosystem development, the PIN Foundation will move on using the TRONIX (TRX) platform. The roadmap is as follows: 1. From July 5 to July 25, 2018: Convert PIN token to TRX at a ratio of 1:1 a. The conversion will be done in the PIN Portal ( b. PIN holders who keeps PIN token in personal wallets or in LiveCoin exchange, please transfer your PIN to your personal account in the PIN Portal to perform the conversion. c. If you do not have an account at PIN Portal, please register as a new member at and deposit your PIN token into your newly created account wallet. d. PIN Portal's internal exchange will close on July 20, 2018. All unfinished orders will be refunded. Note: At this stage, the Deposit and Withdraw TRX functions are temporarily disabled. 2. After July 25, 2018: a. TRONBOX portal at and other communication channels will officially come into operation. b. All PIN token in the PIN Portal will be automatically converted to TRX on the TRONBOX Portal, including PIN saving packages and M-Walks license codes. c. The TRX deposit / transfer / withdraw functions on the TRONBOX portal will start functioning. d. All of the features on the PIN Portal will stop working, except for features that support PIN to TRX conversion and the BTC withdrawal feature will remain in service until August 25, 2018. Be ready for a revolution with TRONBOX

Flash sale*****. .05 BTC + fee Selling: Type of contract: sha 256 HashRate: 14.73 Expires: First contract expires 15/11/18 Last contract expires 4/4/19 Most expire between December and January if interested I will send a screenshot of contracts Script: Hash rate: 33mh Contract expires 16/2/19 Total btc balance is .01951336 EQUIHASH Hash rate: 88 Zec balance: .07198163 I also Dash & eth hash rate is low Price: 0.05 BTC + fee Note: There is a high risk of being scammed therefore this offer will not be transferred without @daddy_dad and @manudas. PM for details

I've sent you the group dashboard via private message