Hello guys just a quick question how do we call tron-based tokens? If Ethereum has ERC20 tokens how do we call Tron-based tokens some suggested TRC-20 some TRON20 some TRX20 which one is the official name for it. I have been trying to ask around and everyone seems to give me different answers. But I am pretty much sure it is not the first one since it is being used already by trustchain which is blockless distributed ledger technology.

man this crypto better pump hard at the end of this month.. TVM mainnet.. what the hell else does it need to do to get the price way up?? It's supposed to be gear at getting DAPPS customers on Ethereum to migrate over to Tron.. That should be great news to make TRX go way past $1..

I think the rise for tron โ€‹โ€‹is correct. they are collecting altogether.

Omar Masud
Hi i brought some TRX from Binance it is already on Binance so new Token will auto swap or somthing else?

Must swap them in a permanent exchange: - Binance (send to ethereum address) - Gate io - Max exchange. Your TRX will converted ๐Ÿ‘automatically๐Ÿ‘ and will can withdraw to tronscan or other official wallet.

maybe because he is afraid that Ethereum will be irrelevant in a few years

Hey!! Any admin online? I am looking for a roadmap and whether the project is on schedule.

Greetings! This is SkyPeople. Here is the Official announcement : ------------------------------------------------------ 1. Currently Odyssey 3.0 version update is being delayed because of testing. TRON tech team asked us to proceed the update after the testing finish. 2. Once the test is over, Odyssey 3.0 update will be proceeded. 3. As we announced yesterday, reward for today won't be provided. It will be rewarded tomorrow altogether. 4. Reward distribution time will be reset to 15:00 KST. (Rewarding process will be done around 15:10) ----------------------------------------------- Thank you!

Yeah eventually. Watching how this ethereum upgrade going to go

If ether don't get that upgrade done before mining difficulty increase that might be a nice sweep for tron

I have small amount tron tokens in the wallet ( myetherwallet)According to you i want transfered because i can,t tranfer my tokens to url etherium binance And the error message.. can you guide me what to do!?

If I have a little Etherium I'll be able to transfer it?

Is prediction made here. Any more partnership and migration from ethereum?

Working as Blockchain developer here at Wipro mainly worked with ethereum Quorum and hyperledger Want to try Tron so need some help with getting started If anyone can guide that will be really great. Thanks in advance


I'm trasnfering my TRX ERC20 Token from MyEtherWallet to Tronscan Wallet but MyEtherWallet doesn't reconnize the Tronscan wallet adress. What can i do now please?

Tron smart contract able to deploy etherium testnet if have any possibilities there

such as Ethereum: 6, Btc: 6, Nem: 8, Ripple: 0,

I still have Tron ERC20 tokens in my MyEther Wallet. Can I still sent them to Binance for exchange of Mainet coin?

I still have Tron ERC20 tokens in my MyEther Wallet. Can I still sent them to Binance for exchange of Mainet coin?

Hello Tron, I'm currently writing a new article for Invest In Blockchain, and I have a question for you guys. Multiple websites are reporting a Tron Developer Conference that will take place in January 2019 in San Francisco. They even quote the Tron team, but don't provide links or citations. The website created for the conference shows a 404 error. Is this event taking place? Has it been rescheduled, or all out canceled? I can't find anything about it from the Tron team. Thanks!

Hello all, I just joined group, and I am just looking into TRON. Sorry for noob question but are TRON tokens on their own Mainnet or are they ERC20 on Ethereum?๐Ÿ˜•

Etherium is past, Tron is future ๐Ÿค—

I still have Tron on my etherium wallet can I still move it to mainnet wallet please let me know