Hi guys, Here's a new DApp game. Feel free to try it out and let us know what you think! Link to the game:

Hi guys, Here's a new DApp game. Feel free to try it out and let us know what you think! Link to the game:

What does freezing trons for energy do in wallet?

hi. can i unfreeze the tron token after i voted?

From when you have freez them

hi after i vote by tron i need to "unfreeze" my coins?

I want know about energy that if I freez my trx for energy,what happen?my trx burned?

hello can anyone help me ... how do I freeze the trx on TRON Wallet Web They're in the wallet, but I can not freeze them... why ? when I click on freez, write that I must have at least 1 trx ... but I have them thanks for the help

admin i have many tokens in my wallets when i freeze tokens . also Tarquin . why this all tokens value zero .

A3 1.4K
Hey Beaves

u still gambling 24 hours a day for those free cones?

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I would like to talk free exchange listing for tron .. Can you please see my DM

Is there any admin I can contact for a proposal for free listing at the upcoming emblem vault by circuits of value?

Phase 1 of CryptoChain token... Add 20% more in SR rewards with auto vote, without need to freeze anything... Trade freely as you receive rewards

Feel free to ask what ever you want.