Remember this is having the opportunity to get in before and at the same time as venture capitalists and Huge Institutional investors. Normally they always get the best time, but not with Crypto... It's Fair Game. Good Luck and don't be persuaded to sell or to buy. DYOR and HODL baby!!!!. Like the Blockchain, We the future guys. Time to get Lit!!

enough for long term investment

Investors? Speculators. We must separate the project from the speculation of the exchanges.

time for those rich chinese to get behind TRX... tired of carrying the water for this crypto that just keeps sinking..

Nah it's time for retailer investors and instant crypto gurus to leave the crypto space so real growth continue to take place instead of shiney object syndrome of ppl hoping to become millionaires off of $20

Why did you put 50k into it while price was up?

you stupid asshole.. am I suppose to invest only in cryptos when they are going to zero??

you stupid asshole.. am I suppose to invest only in cryptos when they are going to zero??

Pls don't disrespect me i didn't disrespect u just asked u a question and obviously u don't know what u doing and just hopped on the shiney object trend and bought from the top smh. Yes etf postponed got the retail investors to sell off but there already was a 53 million futures expiration coming into the market from cme and thats not including the oether millions of sell off coming from the cboe futures epiration. everything isnt just because of etf postponing. Why is xrp trx and others going down well because theres more ppl holding than there are ppl using it or trading it...simple.

Somebody can tell if all the tokens under tron network all legit. There are a lot of token that look fake and I don't know if I should invest on any of them.

You have useless tokens, scam tokens, and tokens with projects. Anyway for now I would highly recommend to not invest in these tokens as for now nothing is really serious

haha 2017 was retail investors. When bitcoin is worth 50k and people are selling it into TRX just imagine that. haha EPIC

I have a lot invested in tron

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Maybe Tron can buy that company as an investment 😂👍

My two cents for during a tough market. So many people scared that the market is so low... if you invested in a retirement fund with Charles Schwab or Merrill Lynch the majority of people would set it and forget. They'd have auto-direct deposit bi weekly into that account and not worry too much. But with crypto people lose their @#$% Stop worrying. The market always come back at some point. Crypto and chill!

The best way to invest TRX and earn for about x10 now with soda !!! Coinsoda Support:
fbobreira - CryptoChain

Boas De onde és? Estás incrito no Tron e a participar investindo?

Boas De onde és? Estás incrito no Tron e a participar investindo?

Brasil, estou com representante eleito! E sim... Investindo desde início de dezembro

fbobreira - CryptoChain
Brasil, estou com representante eleito! E sim... Investindo desde início de dezembro

Obrigado por responder. Bem encontrei por acaso o site através do Bitcoin. Fiz o registo mas ainda não tive tempo para perceber os passos, como investir pequenas quantias para poder ver se realmente vale a pena. Qual a tua sincera opinião sobre esta plataforma e se é apenas especulação como tantas outras. Se poderes dar me uma ajuda agradeço. Obrigado Cumprimentos

I have invested a large amount into this project and I would like to be able to communicate.

Hi what about tron its good to invest or not

Carlos Will
so if I sell on telegram, I can get 5 TRX for 1 SEED?

Correct. As well you can also use that seed to invest in projects on seedgerminator

Ryan Opone
Just +2% whole day??

U call it just. If u invest $20m yestersay, how muvh wpuld u have earn today? Then ask yourself, does two percent profit what it? Lets avoid greed and look at the usecase of blockchain

Hello Tron, I'm currently writing a new article for Invest In Blockchain, and I have a question for you guys. Multiple websites are reporting a Tron Developer Conference that will take place in January 2019 in San Francisco. They even quote the Tron team, but don't provide links or citations. The website created for the conference shows a 404 error. Is this event taking place? Has it been rescheduled, or all out canceled? I can't find anything about it from the Tron team. Thanks!

all this news and twitter post and all the progress is not benefiting any of the investors.. why so ? admin do you have any idea ?

Serious question guys. You in crypto as investment or adoption? Would you spend your trx or only hold for investments?

Makes the investments worth more

Why TRON Foundation TRX is one of the most profitable altcoins to invest

I see many overseas investors like trx very much

I had purchased 300000 EDN on DEX promoted by TRONSCAN Now the same have been removed. How tronscan can allow scam coins to be listed and then removed. Tronscan need to compensate all the investors who have purchased EDN on DEX immediately

So it is my request to TRONSCAN organisation to reimburse all of aggrieved investors

Had such scam been occured on other exchanges, the investors would have been compensated immediately

So pl recommend your tron team to compensate all EDN investors