Lol found Some atlas carrying tron token shared on twitter that i Made ☺

lol the price going dump

haha All I know is if this support does not hold and 5800 Breaks i'ma buy some 2k bitcoin mark my words lol

lol that will loose 75% customer base first day and someone will fork it and bring back the old pirate

when moon. LOL. Justin Sun well played

18 damn Tron Officials...

Lol. 2 groups in english and many others in other languajes.

Vitalik Buterin

Think by 2020, Sun will come with a workable Product..his own product lol

Hello, anyone has this problem

i dont know what that is but my tronscan wallet still showing 0 balance the last few days

Jimmy Juice
What has the Coinburn done for the TRX price?

absolutly nothing... only another 99 BILLION


Lol I know. Because never heard that airdrop from justin

Are u asking this in every tron group? Lol

do you know where i can find more infomration on the super delgate requirements etc? I mean I can surely make announcements of announcements if thats what it takes lol

W8ng on 1$ lol...

81.4 k on the other Tron telegram .. what's with this one lol

Oh okay lol sorry. Hey guys we are running a fun free to play promotional game. Dm me for details. Crypto related and tron related

wooh can i have 100k lol

its live i click the link lol

that address is rich lol

yeah i cant acces the full add but you can see he lots of transactions lol

yeah lol if you paste it bye bye trx

hahaha they so busy doing that 24 hours lol