WIN 20,000 TRX WORTH $200 USD Real or fake?

Anyways, for al European Tron fans out here: We have added TRX to our Blockport exchange! This means a new easy way to buy and sell TRX through an Euro gateway with low fees. Has anyone heard of Blockport before? Curious to what you think 🙌

I will try blockport soon

Will give an update once blockport has been tried out

Gino Taselaar
Great to hear, please do share your experience with me :)

I opened the account where verification took a while. I send out a message on their comment field and within minutes I got an e-mail with the message that it was fixed manually. Pretty impressed by the customer service. Now I have transferred some money through my Revolut account, which left the account on Friday evening. Guess it will take to Monday to arrive. Will give further info once it is there and I can start buying some additional Trons. Will keep you informed