What about the secret project?

Is atlas the secret project because the medium article says the secret project is still to be revealed and that this mornings announcement was a let down not living to trons hyoe game... Not the best news. Any confirmation?

When is screte project?

Atlas was the secret project and they said bigger than mainnet lol

Where is my lambo? The secret announcement is a great new

Wallet to wallet transfer takes a lot less than 4 secs

Tron is going back to ICO price to Second moon😂😭

Tron depends on the course of bitcoin and this can not be changed by any secret projects. How long will the Atlas project be developed? A year, two years ... and all this time the tron ​​will be nothing more than a coin for speculation. In fact, valuable coins should grow, fall slightly and continue to grow, and not update the next bottom with each correction.

Hey have you guys checked out Cybertron @cybertrx? A new coin on the tron network with a good use,which is useful to everyone.....Tell them i sent you and get free coin for sign up.................helping to support the whole tron community

Hi folks is the Tron IOS wallet through Tron loan (on the Tron website) secure? I can't find any info on it. Here Is Why Bitcoin (BTC) Does Not Need the SEC, Wall Street and an ETF to be Great

TEAM HELIOS Plan - 70% OF ALL OUR REWARDS - Rewarding daily - 15% to build a secure data system - Dapp for the community - When you vote for us you'll have first access to the Dapp - 15% team, marketing and taxes - We're open to improvement - Changelly widget on website - Plans for the future - - Join our telegram and find out more about what we are trying to build. @TeamHelios

does tron already have an existing product or any usecase i can experience?

I am getting some Tokens What I am gonna do with that and is it normal ? Secondly Should I Vote for earning staking rewards or just frozen enough.

What do you mean?

I am getting some Tokens What I am gonna do with that and is it normal ? Secondly Should I Vote for earning staking rewards or just frozen enough.

Good afternoon. Please tell me. What kind of purse it is best to choose for TRON from the official site?. 1. Online wallet TRON. 2. Tron desktop wallet to your computer. 3. Tron browser wallet, Which of these three will be best for reliable protection, security, and convenience? :)

I know.. i'm just saying.. i am NOT pro eos.. i just realized somehow alot of projects are connected to eos.. some in secret and some more open.

Ledger definitely if you want the most secure option

A question: What is the most secure tron wallet at the moment for IOS? All are communities wallets, so is that trustworth. Any suggestions?

Come check out CyberTron group and CyberTron DEX exchange and mention @AnthonyTRX sent you. Cyber Security and Lyla are the future we all need.

Team Helios We have started our first project. Stratus Cloud is a decentralized storage platform that will use blockchain technology to secure all your data. The Stratus Cloud Storage Platform is going to prefect decentralized cloud storage, by using Tron’s Network. Using Tron’s Network, we will be able to create a data storage that is more reliable and lower cost than centralized cloud storage providers. You can check us out our token Stratus (STS)
The one that I can connect my ledger nano s to? Is there a minimum for holding forsaking? Tron? How does it work?

minimum of 1TRX... you cant stake fractions... just open the Wallet (the same you are using) ... got to section votes, click start voting, select your the best SR (ME😂) and click submit votes

Ryan Opone
Just +2% whole day??

U call it just. If u invest $20m yestersay, how muvh wpuld u have earn today? Then ask yourself, does two percent profit what it? Lets avoid greed and look at the usecase of blockchain

how about transaction finality?

my team is figuring out a right blockchain for our dapp..we are thinking about tron and eos. eos has half a second blocktime and 1 sec finality. why would i wanna chose tron over eos?

Hey ADMINs, where can i check how many SR voted for the TVM prosposal and any futher prosposals ? Is there a section on tronscan or maybe an API ?

Gerard V

@TronNetworkEN03 is a secondary "main group".