Are my TRX token on Bittrex safe? Are those TRX token the new TRON20 token or are they old worthless ERC20 tokens?

Dumitru PET
It seems that the problem is from Cryptopia even if the transaction is completed.

Hi dumitru, Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve your issue. We are confirming that your withdrawal of 10000.1 TRX has now been cancelled for the following reason: Transaction failed to broadcast You are now able to withdraw/trade these funds as you wish. If you have additional issues unrelated to this ticket we ask that you open a new ticket so we can properly diagnose them for you. We apologise for any inconveniences caused. If we have provided you with a resolution to the ticket created, please select "Accept Solution" located in the top right of the page. If however, you feel that your issue has not been resolved please select "Reject Solution". We would love to hear the experience you've had with Cryptopia Support, you can rate your experience after this ticket is closed, or from the email that has been sent to your email address. Kind regards, Emma

Dear Tron community, BCoin is doing a community voting to find out from you which coins will go to the moon in 2019! TRX is already in 1st place!! Please vote for your favourite coin here:

5year after one TRX price your idea ?

TRX to the moon

Hello guys! Can anybody tell, what the latency time of the TRX network?

PiterSpain tipped fbsobreira 1 TRX, tx 9445e...

I am feeling like I hope TRX goes away and dies like it probably will since I paid for TRX at BitFlip and for months have waited paitently to be able to send it and now my account is gone.

I have had real TRX in addition to ERC-20 TRX wallets at CoinPayments waiting patiently but they would not let you send it. Also daily people would claim they did not recieve the BTC they sent out.

@admin Can I send TRX, BTC or ETH to my Tron Mainnet account address? I just want to ensure I can't only send TRX

WIN 20,000 TRX WORTH $200 USD Real or fake?

CryptoConnect Apolloconnect
The top 5 most refferels only WIN?

Giveaway period: 2018/11/02 15:00 to 2018/11/12 15:00 (UTC) Prize pool: 100,000 TRX Number of winners: Five, determined by a random draw Winners will be notified by e-mail in 5 days after contest conclusion.

Anyways, for al European Tron fans out here: We have added TRX to our Blockport exchange! This means a new easy way to buy and sell TRX through an Euro gateway with low fees. Has anyone heard of Blockport before? Curious to what you think 🙌

Admin, I have a question please, can I save TRX tokens on MEW with Ledger Nano S? If not what is the best place using Nano??

Team will be appreciated if atleast 500 TRX is reimbursed to me immediately

Vote for your 3 currencies,it's up to you which ones will be traded in the online shop,give to TRX this chance

What is new contract address of TRX now?