Tronstronics: Hello everyone we have had major development on our exchange project this has made us needing to change some directions. We have made quicker progress than we projected internally we will be sending out our screen shots of the exchange on wed We have also partnered with block chain real estate. A cloud based real estate company that will be world wide. They will have all transaction buying and selling go through our exchange. The capability to buy and sell in crytpo. Moving all property on the block chain so that they are able to transfer deeds along with crypto. This is to verify deeds and property on the blockchain

If Tron has these problems, it will be a big problem for all of us.

like the update to hide the small token but can we enhance to a custom limit slider to gie more user control

would anyone be interested in a texas holdem app using tron as betting chips?

You can manage same account on different wallets just importing the Private Key

@ijalik use Google Chrome wallet for solve that

Dumitru PET
It seems that the problem is from Cryptopia even if the transaction is completed.

Hi dumitru, Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve your issue. We are confirming that your withdrawal of 10000.1 TRX has now been cancelled for the following reason: Transaction failed to broadcast You are now able to withdraw/trade these funds as you wish. If you have additional issues unrelated to this ticket we ask that you open a new ticket so we can properly diagnose them for you. We apologise for any inconveniences caused. If we have provided you with a resolution to the ticket created, please select "Accept Solution" located in the top right of the page. If however, you feel that your issue has not been resolved please select "Reject Solution". We would love to hear the experience you've had with Cryptopia Support, you can rate your experience after this ticket is closed, or from the email that has been sent to your email address. Kind regards, Emma

Is there an admin to talk about token status on tronscan?

Dear Tron community, BCoin is doing a community voting to find out from you which coins will go to the moon in 2019! TRX is already in 1st place!! Please vote for your favourite coin here:

On tron scan do we vote every day or just leave it once we have voted

So useful for humanity right...?

Guys is anyone using the Tron (treaser) chrome extension?

Hello, I'd like to talk about business cooperation. Who should I talk to, please?

@admin Can I send TRX, BTC or ETH to my Tron Mainnet account address? I just want to ensure I can't only send TRX

WIN 20,000 TRX WORTH $200 USD Real or fake?

CryptoConnect Apolloconnect
The top 5 most refferels only WIN?

Giveaway period: 2018/11/02 15:00 to 2018/11/12 15:00 (UTC) Prize pool: 100,000 TRX Number of winners: Five, determined by a random draw Winners will be notified by e-mail in 5 days after contest conclusion.

Who should I contact for business cooperation?Can someone assist?😁

Anyways, for al European Tron fans out here: We have added TRX to our Blockport exchange! This means a new easy way to buy and sell TRX through an Euro gateway with low fees. Has anyone heard of Blockport before? Curious to what you think 🙌

I think TRON is a super currency, an incredible platform, just a simple detail that I think should change urgently, in the matter of creating the token, if I want to create a token I want it to be unique, only that any user can create a replica of an existing token, was to be equal to an email account, it is not possible to create a name equal to what already exists, as this could cause great problems for those who created a token on the platform

The problem is that people without so much knowledge can be deceived by scams using the same name of the token, I think the tron should stand out in this detail, type if I create a name for a token this name should be unique in blockchain, type a domain of site, impossible to have the same name registered with the same tld

Gino Taselaar
Great to hear, please do share your experience with me :)

I opened the account where verification took a while. I send out a message on their comment field and within minutes I got an e-mail with the message that it was fixed manually. Pretty impressed by the customer service. Now I have transferred some money through my Revolut account, which left the account on Friday evening. Guess it will take to Monday to arrive. Will give further info once it is there and I can start buying some additional Trons. Will keep you informed

Admin, I have a question please, can I save TRX tokens on MEW with Ledger Nano S? If not what is the best place using Nano??

Crypto is just growing. Give it 5 years from now

Phase 1 of CryptoChain token... Add 20% more in SR rewards with auto vote, without need to freeze anything... Trade freely as you receive rewards
I had purchased 300000 EDN on DEX promoted by TRONSCAN Now the same have been removed. How tronscan can allow scam coins to be listed and then removed. Tronscan need to compensate all the investors who have purchased EDN on DEX immediately

The token wasn't promoted. Just listed. At the same time Tian was warning in the official Main group of the error. If you need more help should contact with any email account listed in official site

This will create more confidence amongst all of us to trade on tronscan

But how listing can be done by Tronscan without verifying tje credentials and putting investors to risk of losses

Was an error i think. I think because i don't know exactly. Please write your complaint to And remember, always do your own research #DYOR 🙏🏼

What are you waiting for? Compare rewards and facilities yourself, vote was never so easy!🚀🚀

The previous dont work for withdrawal.