Fuck TRON U bastards... I lost 10k usd bcos of piece shit like ur sun shit tron bastards!!!!!!!!

STQ rises to 320% with volume 13m USD after listing on indodax exchange 2 days ago, tomorrow 5 juni 2018 TRX will return on this exchange entry list with a percentage increase of about ???

It may touch 1usd in end of the year or in 2019 january

Why tron price is going so down 😒

Because of the fall of BTC. Since tron has limited USD pairings (majority of which is BTC/ETH). This will change soon as we are adding Trx/USDT pairings in this month. Any further questions please feel free to reach me. Thank You, Tron Nez.

Trying to convince my wife to hand over savings to buy another 50,000

Hahaha good luck. Though I would say crypto seems the better save than USD

I have 7 friends that have collectively taken out over $75,000 usd out of the crypto market and we are small 🍟

bid sell wall on binance now TRX/usdt

bid sell wall on binance now TRX/usdt

Yea they are pumping tron with tether selling it then acquiring more BTC.. tether is doing this to all USDT pairs

June 25th. To commemorate this exciting moment, TRON Foundation will conduct a burn of 1,000,000,000 TRX all at once, which is worth 50 million USD according to today’s market price. This may set the record for the most amount of money destroyed in human history in celebration of a historic moment. The amount of TRX at the beginning of mainnet launch will be reduced to 99,000,000,000TRX, and the remaining 33,251,807,524 TRX held by TRON foundation will stay locked until January 1th, 2020. To ensure the transparency and fairness of the TRON Protocol, we will now disclose the process where the community reaches a consensus on TRON independence . We look forward to the engagement and participation of all Tronics. TRON’s mainnet launch process includes four major phases: Preparation, Guardian Phase, Genesis Phase, and Constitutional Phase.

think that each TRX is worth 0.085474 USD

can we expect 0.5 usd end of the year

The 1B Coin burn is done. If you do the math you will see that the burn was never going to have much affect on price with the supply as high as it is (possibly one tenth of a penny USD). The ongoing burn is interesting. Hopefully that has a slow, long term positive result for us long term hodlers

Yes, on May 29th it was 1040 sats, so its 40% down since in sats value and more in usd value

One thing I know in trading, never be love with coins. Only USD

I bought trx through btc in binance, should I change it to trx/usdt? Or it’s fine?

If the market cap of tron will be $200bln than we can see 2.6usd

Yes, I missed the opportunity to exchange for USDT


I am selling eth to USDt 393.83189


Now I bought TRX with USDT 393.83189=10018.6TRX


Buy on low market(ETH) and sell in high market (USDT) of same exchange is called Intra Exchange trade.Enjoy

Tether Official: Your referral link: Refer your friends to get extra 20 USDT for each friend.

For a guy who are 2017 years old, I dont believe he own 140 millions USD dollar (remember this is before Tron ICO even launched and they had already closed the deal)

Michael Johnson
so all altcoins are doing shit

not like tron man, other top 20 coins are down 20% or 30% after May 10th, but Tron is down 50% in sats value and more in usd value

Tron will be 0.01 usd by October

Update πŸ”₯ - All the locked Tron Foundation addresses can now be viewed at Coming Soon ⚑ - Trezor Support - Directly buy Tron with USD or EUR in your Tronscan wallet

I use binance. You can use USD, BTC or ETH

Update πŸ”₯ - All the locked Tron Foundation addresses can now be viewed at Coming Soon ⚑ - Trezor Support - Directly buy Tron with USD or EUR in your Tronscan wallet

Anyone know how to transfer USD from Coinbase Pro to Binance?

we're waiting for TRX/USD.... then moon πŸš€

How much was raised during the ICO Also, can you give me the exact distribution in ETH, BTC and USD

"TRON Could Be One of The Most Profitable Cryptos (Elliott Wave)" by trader Intuit β€” published September 18, 2018 β€” TradingView

where can I buy TRX directly with USD?

coinbase has no TRX market at all and on binance I don't see any USD markets. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Is that true soon tron going 0.00023usd?

Some one people said going price 1usd Soon?

WIN 20,000 TRX WORTH $200 USD Real or fake?