Can someone from the tron team hook me CEO. I have business proposals

Do we have any staff of tron in here?

Can we block this person. Why advertising a link instead of the main story

This TROn wont reach 2yrs to go to moon. 8months time, we will see 0.5$

Is prediction made here. Any more partnership and migration from ethereum?

A friend wish TRON will give 1000 trx per referrals to invite people to join tron, i tell you so many people will jump to TRON overnight. Direct referal bonus only.

Wow good news. Tron to be worth $10 by 2019👍

Maths If all the 1million members buy 10,000 tron each. That should be like 100billion trx.....then we are already moon. Lets all make it a deal, take out $200 from your savings and lets buy trx. No one should sell until next year, we will be moon in 6 months time

Ryan Opone
Just +2% whole day??

U call it just. If u invest $20m yestersay, how muvh wpuld u have earn today? Then ask yourself, does two percent profit what it? Lets avoid greed and look at the usecase of blockchain

Crypto is just growing. Give it 5 years from now