John Scott
fbobreira, So is it still ok to send TRX Old to Binance now? Thanks

yes, you need to check their instruction... I think you will need to send to the ETH address... but please check with them first

Hello, anyone has this problem

This is a bug from old version, for what I remember,... You need to click on the asset you want to send, if TRX looks like it is selected but is not... So just click and try again

Mahshid Puri
Does TRON wallet support other tokens on TRON’s mainnet? Because i received some another coin in my tron wallet and i do'nt know it's legit or no? and can i use them &convert to TRX again?

Tron wallet support tron's network tokens, but not other coins... Most of them are scam, and you can't convert back to TRX, but few of them give you this option, like seed ... Need to do your own search about each token


Hi jane... you can unfreeze... but if you do you cant vote, unless you freeze again...

the timestamp says you vote 43min ago.. your rewards should come within 24h

Boas De onde és? Estás incrito no Tron e a participar investindo?

Brasil, estou com representante eleito! E sim... Investindo desde início de dezembro


Hey, you're admin here too!!! Why didn't you put me back😂😂😂

Predrag Veljkovikj
how often can I vote while frozen trx? 3 days

you can vote whenever you want, if you dont unfreeze.... also, no need to revote if you dont want to change votes

already have one 👍

Sorry, phone autocorrected... I meant to say, don't depend on us, BUT trezor team to approve our code

Is the one I use with ledger, but also support regular private key

थैनोस चाचा
What does that mean? I have genesis part in my config as described in Tron sample config.

There is a option that said "need sync"... You need to put this false for first node, so it can creates the Genesis block

Bot Developer
What is pk

You need to use you PK as seed for another PK,... Look for bip32

The one that I can connect my ledger nano s to? Is there a minimum for holding forsaking? Tron? How does it work?

minimum of 1TRX... you cant stake fractions... just open the Wallet (the same you are using) ... got to section votes, click start voting, select your the best SR (ME😂) and click submit votes

In simple words: We are elected as Block producers (in Tron network the name is SR - super representative) by Tron community... As block producers, we received rewards from the network... Some SRs give back to voters a percentage of those rewards... This is the stake processing

So, you need to read about the SRs and choose the one that best fit your needs to represent you as Tron SR

SRs are not all about rewards, you should choose wisely so the network can grow

I actually work on the Ledger integration , that's one of the things I have done for the network

You need to freeze the amount of TRX you want to vote

On the upper right corner you will see open wallet... Then select ledger

Phase 1 of CryptoChain token... Add 20% more in SR rewards with auto vote, without need to freeze anything... Trade freely as you receive rewards
What are you waiting for? Compare rewards and facilities yourself, vote was never so easy!🚀🚀