Admin, is there any airdrop going on or it is a fake?

What is the rewardn

I want to see how it works

Instead used my trx for voting

How much trx i will get against my vote?

I voted with 20 trx

How much i will get

Then why should we vote by using our tron

What is the benefit after spending about 1$

0.03$ is the price per tron. So 100 tron is for 3$ approx

For each vote i have to spend 1 trx?

Indian exchange

On idax also it is 0.023$

So 100 trx will be for about 2.5$ after brokerage

If i use 100 trx i can have 100 votes for teamtronics?

I had purchased 300000 EDN on DEX promoted by TRONSCAN Now the same have been removed. How tronscan can allow scam coins to be listed and then removed. Tronscan need to compensate all the investors who have purchased EDN on DEX immediately

Even it is mentioned that DEX is verifying all the coins put up for listing and are available for trade only after 72 hrs from applying

Then why EDN was listed and allowed to trade on same day on which it was created

So it is my request to TRONSCAN organisation to reimburse all of aggrieved investors

This will create more confidence amongst all of us to trade on tronscan

Had such scam been occured on other exchanges, the investors would have been compensated immediately

So pl recommend your tron team to compensate all EDN investors

We will provide you with the tron address for compensation

Thanking you in advance

Team will be appreciated if atleast 500 TRX is reimbursed to me immediately

I dnt know whom to contact

You can forward my concern to tron team members