✅We have some great news for all fans of TRONEuropeRewardCoin ✅Start of test phase:HODL TERC and get rewards🚀🚀1 TERC is rewarded like 1 vote (Rate might change in the future)Vote for Decentralisation‼️

I am overly excited about our new website. THIS IS NOT A FINAL PRODUCT!!!! We have alot to add and plug in still but we are on our way to a MASSIVE upgrade. We will be having full access to all properties for sale, after completion we will be plugging in payments for paid premium agents. Agents will pay to be shown on our site when people search for homes. MORE great stuff to come in the next few days. YOU will be VERY happy. Smart Contracts will be added to the site. We will also be adding agent and title agencies to the site. This will allow you to buy and sell from the site
We are having our livestream with TRON CEO Justin Sun on USDT in 20 minutes. Please join us on Twitter to ask questions:
#TRON holders are voting for Super Representatives on an unrepresented level8,3 billion $TRX are currently frozen & casted as votes for SRs by #TRX holdersThat's an impressive 12,5% of TRON's total circulating supply currently frozen & engaged in SR voting#IAmDecentralized
Watch "Integrating BitTorrent and the TRON Blockchain" on YouTube
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"But Justin, How can I use #blockchain to grow my business and protect my customers??""Easy"Use our 1-click Blockchain deployment to:- Generate and deploy your own public or alliance chain- Customize and set modules- Thrive 🏋️‍♂️#TRON will set a new industry standard.
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Top 4. At the end of this year. #TRON #TRX $TRX $BTT
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