congrats to the 27 SR and all candidates πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

nice view of South Korea 😊, It's a little bit high

Hello. Here is the Tron TRX voting rewards calculator. This website shows the TRX voting rewards for each of the SR/SRC. Enjoy.

We need more members in this group

I think we have too many groups in english πŸ˜…

You are probably right

i don't think this group really adds anything new

I think this is true for right now, but then again TRON is a very young project. Once things pick up there may be a better need for separate groups.

In my opinion there should be groups with different topics. Not just one eng group more

different groups such as?

Such as technicals, specific topics like projects, now atlas but later another, wallets, etc etc

This is better you think πŸ€” 😊

i was just trying if he had invite enabled x)

​​#TheTronomist is online! The platform aims to be the reference point of information for tech and non-tech people in #TRON ecosystem. Simplify the messages, maintaining the highest accuracy possible will be our job ➑️
​​And here it is our first article, the official manifesto of this brand new initiative by #TronCommunityGroup! Welcome to the Future: TRON and The Tronomist:

Please what is your reward program? For voting

Nice seeing TRON grow

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It's all about TRON community careπŸ’ͺπŸ‘Œ ➑ is a web platform for promoting TRC20 Tokens and protecting TRONCommunity in providing confidence indexes about tokens. ➑ This project has been launched (online) on 2nd September 2018. ​ Our Telegram Bot as seedit to ask infos on every token @TronTokensBot channel Main chat channel

Hello, good day everyone Community TRON EU Happy weekend

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