Do not hesitate to let us know your feedbacks / suggestions or questions about : & trontokensBOT ( @trontokensbotshouse ) ✅ Join also the bots HOUSE channel! - INFOS / AGE / CONFIDENCE / PRICE ...just ask it to our BOT! - RAMDOM AIRDROP - EASTER EGGS Hidden Join the BOTS channel! @trontokensbotshouse 🎁10 HaveABreakHaveAKitKat offer😎 ----------------------------------------- UPDATES 🎇NEW 🎆 Emergency State on TronTokens works ! You can now make Request "Emergency State "for tokens that you think are dangerous☠ ! ➡if a token got more 50 requests, an emergency state will be launched and you will can vote to sanction temporaly the token ("Dangerous" state on the platform during 30 days). ➡For making a request, just go on the page of a token : Click on "Request Emergency State" give a reason why you think this token is dangerous and send 👌 ➡ For now, this feature is temporaly. It will be replace by "Voting system", a biggest feature with rewards...soon😎 Trontokens Team " Rise your token beyond scammers " @Pharamys @cryptonatorFR

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