j'ai des info esclusive. discussions au sujets des cryptomonnaie aux états unis par des intervenant qui pèsent lourds dans le game. malheureusement tout est en anglais mais c'est super intéressant
Tarquin (Tarq) - Main informationRegistration : Owner not registered yetConfidence index : No dataNote : 13Vote(s) : 13Payment platforms : HummingPayAge : 135 day(s)ICOPrice : 0.5 TRXStart date : 2018-06-29End date : 2019-01-30Some datasTotal transactions : 435,789.00Total token holders : 14,952.00Total supply : 10,000,000,000.00Total issued : 9,999,997,385.00DescriptionWe are a developing company that will intregate all businesses into using Cryptocurrency as a payment method. We will be building technology to help SocialMain Telegram : @tarqtradekoreaSee more on TronTokens Platform and TronTokens Blog
How TRON Is Working Toward a Decentralized Internet and a Sustainable Cryptocurrency Model | Inc.com
Tronscan Token Reputation SystemModified on:2018/09/05The Tronscan Reputation System aims at helping users to understand, differentiate and assess different tokens. When you visit the token page, the Reputation is classified into 5 categories:1) Review Pendinga. Not yet reviewed2) OKAn “OK” Reputation is not an endorsement or recommendation, but meets the following criteria:a. Provide sufficient and accurate informationb. Has precise project goals and communication channelsc. Accessible information of the project founders/ investors/ consultantsd. The token is traded/listed on a cryptocurrency exchange with AML/KYC inspectione. ICO has been completed or active for no less than 3 monthsf. A major milestone has been achieved3) NeutralA 'neutral' Reputation means that the information about the project and the team is relatively transparent.a. Provide necessary and sufficient information (official website, logo, official contact email, white paper)b. A professional public profile of team members and consultants is posted online (Indicate the project in LinkedIn Personal Profile)c. Provide social media materials4) Insufficient Informationa. Has not provided necessary and sufficient information (official website, logo, official contact email, white paper)b. There is no information showing that the project has ongoing operational progress5) False Informationa. Use false identity to issue tokenb. There is information indicating that the fraud/phishing/fraud/spamming or misrepresentation behavior related to this token has not been properly handled, or the token has other 'dangerous' signs
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Lol c quoi cryptopia

Le monde des cryptos(cryptocurrency+utopia)