Huxlium trading starts tomorrow. Starting price is 1 hux will be worth 2 trx. As our votes move up Hux will increase the rate as well. Check us out 1002909 on the Poloniex exchange brought to you on tronscan as well as other Tron based wallet. Currently as a custom token. As we work to customize a fully integrated website for freelancers across the world.

Why so many deleted accounts?

I don't know, probably they are bots/scammers/spammers

Piter | TRONIC | 🇪🇸
I don't know, probably they are bots/scammers/spammers

I think inactive accounts were added to the group by someone who works member add into telegram community. My theory😁

TRON Guardian delete almost 100% spam, but sometimes their bots are smarter hehe

@lakes_blake [948718740] banned.

A platform that focuses on creating the best developers and freelancers for your business needs. We are a new SR. We ask for your votes. Currently sending out our hux token as a .5 hux to 1 trx. Cash in now at polonidex where you will get .5 for your token
We’re excited to announce that #TRX is available in the Metal Pay [email protected] users can now buy and sell TRX easier than ever. Check out their blog to learn why they were impressed with #TRON and added it to their Marketplace.
Tronfoundation partners with metalpaysme to use TRX for remittances in the US $TRX #Tron
Just In: Tron Partners With Metal Pay To Bring TRX To US Citizens#cryptocurrency #crypto #cryptonews
The "barrier to entry" for crypto is no longer an excuse.By adding #TRX to @MetalPaysMe, it’s now easier than ever to introduce someone to #TRON and get them excited for the future of cryptocurrency. #StayAtHome and skip the cash!