Bought a bunch of ripple today

TRON technical team will have a live stream on Periscope at PST time 18:30, Feb 11th, 2018. They will talk about the architecture and landscape of TRON and community developer program.Technical team guys are coming soon.

guys you can still replay the Live stream of technical team of TRON through the LINK


How many price after 31 ?

When mainnet Launches can you keep your tron on my ether wallet until tron has there own wallet? Meaning you wouldn’t have to send to an exchange right away

Guys if you haven't already joined the English telegram chat, join it. That's the main chat.

You have probably answered this 1000 times but I am about an inch from buying some Tron... But the FUD still lurks in y mind that the WP was plagerized and that its a ponzi... Anyone have something to share to help me understand that this is a legit project?

thanks... what an on point community.

hello together, a question in the round. I know it's hard to judge but what do the Bach feelings say? What will Tron reach from 31 March? How much will the Coin Burn shoot up the price? Or will not move until 31:05? - your opinion?


i hope so much 1$

currently hear from many that it is estimated at $ 1 to 31.03

thanks for info i'll take a look

its listet on binance?

Where do I sign up for the Revolution!

We have to help build the future of Tron. Only 91 members. Let's spread the word.

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