must be all the EOS, Cardano, and Ethereum whales that are dumping TRX... they see it as a competitor and have to crap on it..

man this selloff of TRX doesn't make sense to me.. I have a bunch of parrots telling me `buy the news, sell the rumor'.. what does that even mean... I think stupid people just like saying that.. TRX is a monumental project that's taking market share away from Ethereum..

logic doesn't add up in crypto trading it seems.. a planned event that was well known about called Testnet and Exodus.. which my understanding is TRX which is a ERC20 token will breakoff into it's own blockchain away from the Ethereum blockchain.. It will be it's own entity.. that sounds like great news to me and would prompt me to buy more... not sell off..

one question what do you think about ethereum..whats going on there at the moment..

Btc is going to bounce back to 12k ethereum 800 and tron will have a bull run 🏃..

I agree. Tron wants to compete with ethereum, but he will need to compete with neo , eos, nem, cardanon... just to name a few .. it's a long hard road ahead and I dont think it'll work out

Yes . Do your research , I'm still super bullish on ethereum though

Maybe eos or cardano ( in a few years) but when ethereum 2.0 come out .. it will be game over

Tron has also earmarked 1BN towards community development (from the last livestream), which is something that not even Ethereum has done. Tron has taken great strides to legitimize the project - as seen in the code improvements, and allocation of resources. As I've mentioned before, Justin Sun is an excellent businessman

Tomorrow they will tell everyone about ethereum being a security or a crypto coin/ commodity... What about Tron? Tron is or will be like ethereum? Bcuz it is illegal to buy this for Amerikans?

My believes that: #Ethereum will go off the blockchain and #tron will be the next blockchain that new projects will be using to build on. Damn that would be something 😍 #TRON #trx #tronix #tronic

How do I get the tron airdrop if my ethereum was in coinbase?

We appreciate everyone’s return point of contact and interest in tracking our project, ICO, and further progresses. I would like to introduce myself on behalf of Charity Compassion Coin CCC. My name is Kin, I reside in Massachusetts on the east coast of the United States. I started two years ago a blockchain based charity. Charity Compassion Coin CCC I coded into Ethereums Network, yet has been a massive struggle. High fees slow tps etc. I applied myself and the charity to Tron Foundation and they adopted it into their MainNet Blockchain that just launched. We would like to introduce further advancements of the Charity Compassion Coin Organization. If this organization is elected into top 27: 100% to community up to 100,100,100 votes, then phase two of main campaign begins: 50% to voters every 24 hours as trx, and 25% to the United Nations Humanitarian aid programs, 25% to our sponsored charitable custom campaigns people build through the ccc ecosystem to be succeeded. We currently are now a TRON TRX MainNet Node Candidate for block production, as well as an SR Candidate with Tron Foundation with almost 300,000 votes and growing. Essentially if you say are a charitable philanthropist that makes a large salary year to year and how do you get around paying taxes? Many give it to charity, but also become frustrated with charitable giving because they don’t exactly know where the money winds up, now they can build their own charitable campaigns through CCCs ecosystem or if general giving to a cause they always can see and ask where their funds are going when entering the blockchain with return of transaction evidences. In return they receive CCCs to spend into the ecosystem either from obtaining directly from crypto exchange TRXDEX and further future exchanges that will expand transactional volumes by way of BTC ETH and the focal point of TRX pairing, their funds sit in escrow while allocating out appropriately to their giving campaign like building a small school in Africa etc. As well this now becomes a tax write off. In other regards as well Charity Compassion Coin (Ticker: CCC) can be day traded for profits, and or hodl for long term investment. This in whole benefits TRON’s TRX MainNet to raise transactional volumes day to day with constant charitable giving, exchanges, campaign building and trading and general consumerism as CCC’s may also be spent into our websites ecosystem store that is developing. Our online store is carrying sustainable products, toys, clothing, artisan crafts, jewelry, etc that are made by worldwide communities such as in example a tribe in Africa that is making textiles, jewelry and drums that will receive the fundings and the customer is sent these goods to their location of address, from here CCCs coming in house are exchanged back at the TRXDEX exchange for TRX, fully bringing the transactional rates of TRX full circle and heightening the TRX transactional volume rates higher as well. In other regards Charity Compassion Coin already has an entire ecosystem of charities built together and expending in the CCC Global Charity Hub of website. and each charity foundation is allotted a TRX, BTC and ETH wallet. But all BTC and ETH are exchanged into TRX immediately upon entrance in-house to Charity Compassion Coin’s ecosystem. This as well gives TRX more transactional volumes as well and stores of value moving from Ethereum into Tron. All of allocations to the charities and everything is always traceable with the blockchain explorer as a reminder. Further general information: We have been featured by Tron directly through their twitter feeds: @TronFoundation @JustinSunTron and @CCC_GIVES. Tron Foundation and Justin Sun’s links for CCC: Tron LIVE Media Links about CCC:
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We have made some last-minute but very important revisions to our entire project. Ethereum is not a good fit for BeatzCoin, and we have reverted to our initial road-map of launching BeatzCoin from the Tron network! In short, the transaction speed is efficient, and the cost is efficient to support micro-payments on the VibraVid platform. I recommend everyone here and in the community to create an account/wallet at Be sure to back up all of your information! Creating a wallet there is a 1-time opportunity. You are in total control of your private keys, .json files, etc. You can view and participate in our Preliminary Token Trading Event here:

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TRON LIVE NEWS Going Live! -Market Brief -Elon Musk Plays Along In ETH Scam -TRON TRX Bigger & Better TVM -Tron Virtual Machine For DApp Devs -TRON: More Advanced Than Bitcoin and Ethereum For Decentralization -TRON Merchandise -6 TRON Based Applications -$100 Amazon Card Giveaway At 100 Subscribers! SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE!