i have a question, anyone can answer ?

i have 170,000 ACE, but that price are 0 $ ?!!!

John Henson

TronLink takes the prices from trx market. If it is not listed there, no price will be displayed. I hope I'm right now.

so now i want change those to TRX, that means i can't ?!!!

Hello my friends❤️🌹

I'm need btc

I need some, too. You're in the wrong place.

John Henson
😔 where i can find my answer ?

Look at twitter. There is a TRONACE Telegram Channel. I can't post the link here and I would recommend you not to respond to PMs of others. There are a lot of wrong channels...

Pw K
I need a beer..

Give me your beer crate address, please.

Fridge, lower shelf

PDoubleUK tipped Marco_Th 5 Pizza, tx 82e18...

Will there still be a big announcment at the end of the month of is huobi the big announcment

This user is considered dangerous for groups, at the moment. He's been banned.ℹ️ What is this?

Is it possible to send WINk to Trustwallet ?