Will there be a announcment at the end of the month?

Will there be a announcment at the end of the month?

At the end of the month Justin Sun will be at the Samsung Developers conference as a speaker. If the tweet regarding the announcement is about what is happening at SDC or any other thing, we don't know. You have to be patient and wait.

Hi ! how to subscribe into TRON please lovely people?

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someone in here adding us to the group.

Ari Santos

maybe they forgot that God saw them being naughty

Kahn Otene
someone in here adding us to the group.

Turn off that option in telegram privacy settings. Set to only contacts, then u don’t get added to groups if u don’t want to

i have man, long time ago, for that reason.

Wow this group is huuge.

Anyone playing and trx dapps?

win and 888tron is my best sites so far.

dapps are coming everday, so who knows.

Too many gambling dapps already

Neee something new instead of 25 dice sites

Check out my site if interested. Lots coming up soon 👍🏼

is that the above site

justin sun bought poloniex moon


Pretty good man. Had a look the other day.

Where is the best place to buy trx in us, now that no binance?



Have we hit the bottom yet?

We're looking forward to meeting you at #SDC19, Justin!https://twitter.com/SamsungBizUSA/status/1184174853919838208