Bitcoin is currently on the dip, I think a good time to insvest and earn more, who else thinks so

Bitcoin SV’s Boss calls Binance a scam and he says it does not exist anymore within 12 months lol

I really get amazed sometimes.. The recent tweet about BTFS for example and how it launched its own mainnet, the first reply is from some dude with the Bitcoin symbol in his nickname like "₿itcoinXRParmy" and a gif of Carlos Matos from Bitconnect.

Did you know that with just $100$ you can earn a maximum of $200 within 24hours of bitcoin mining sessionNo risks taken at all Your earnings are guaranteed Without sending anyone money or bitcoinInbox me and ask me how?

Bitcoin price 2022 50000$ but this time thon 100$ i thinks not anaf

Nobody is crying for Bitcoin, so don't cry for Tron.

(I'm practicing my dialogue, for a couple years fro now when Tron is $10,000 each like Bitcoin is now)

Free Bitcoin (BTC) every 30 seconds. Withdraw instantly, no investment required.

Do you know about the rockfellers are trying to buy all bitcoin what exist? Is it turn the bitcoin centralized?

I want to use this medium to advice investors to be careful of whom they invest their money with .Beware of scammers who portray themselves as traders. I lost almost $5000 to a Woman who call herself a manager, until I met the Mr Jeff Miller who told me not to be scared in trading with him , I gave him a chance with little investment and I earned urge successfully I was very happy and I continue to trade with him till now please I don’t want you my fellow investors to meet fake people who called themselves managers. Contact him and see change in your trade,bitcoin is real...👇👇👇👇👇

At Tron Dex last week very low volume of trades.Very sad. We need to educate people about the tron platform message. Just like people got educated by themselves about how to do whit bitcoin.

Everything is in correlation to bitcoin

Crypto Cristo
Crypto Cristo:Hi, I gotta questionAnybody knows where I can find crypto jobs regarding social media/video marketing?Some portal or website

There’s reddit pages, bitcoin talk, and even a designated website for programmers to earn crypto for tasks. I suggest using google, it’s a handy tool

The NVT Ratio of TRON is often much better than that of other leading digital assets, including both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This implies that TRON is undervalued for the time being.
So why is TRX not steady in climbing the price-ladder?

Because Bitcoin rules the market. When he goes down, all the altcoins go down.

also it sucks we got a bitcoin tradeing pair after bitcoin rose from 2k to 10k

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Tron’s Network Value to Transactions Ratio Higher than Bitcoin & Ethereum