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Carlos (TRONIC)🇪🇸
Sure what do u need

Why can't I find my wallet on blockchain after creating a wallet?

Hi is anybody here also having problem trying to logging blockchain ?

Hi is anybody here also having problem trying to logging blockchain ?

Co-Founder of Intergalactic Gaming is in Macau for United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO) Forum!Check out short video shared in tweet below 👇😉 Don’t forget to Like & share/RT ! Will be talking esports x blockchain ... IG x TRON 😍
Harish Kumar
@admin when is the privacy features on tron update zknarks
Justin Sun's OPEN LETTER👇1⃣ New SRs Reward System❗️2⃣ SUN Network🚀3⃣ Interchain⛓️4⃣ Privacy Coin🎭AND other updatesBlockchain WILL be a basic financial & internet infrastructureThe web WILL be decentralized& #TRON WILL continue to be a 🗝️ player
Whilst in Macau, I had a chance to meet with Freddy, chairman and founder of GrowUp Esports & Girl Gamer Festival ! 👽We spent hours talking esports, gaming & blockchain. 😍Make sure to follow and check them out 👀
🏦 Startup will be launching #WIN as the next project. ℹ️@Gate_io Startup is a blockchain assets discount offering platform. ⌚️Start Time: October 16th, 2019, 12:00 (UTC+8)⏱️1 day and 22 hours to go!

Can any one tell how many projects in tron blockchain ?And what are the project?

@PiterSpain where i can see full list of all tokens on tronblockchain

Which are the best game on tron blockchain?

Which are the best game on tron blockchain?

pretty soon matchnet will be the best gaming dapp on the entire tron blockchain...

A billions of dollars transfered daily from players to société by using crédit cards, i think it will be more useful if transferts maked in tron blockchain

Tron best Blockchain in whole crypto space, going to 🌙 with mass adoption 💯💯🚀🚀

Hey SF and bay area people! The TRON foundation is having an afterparty for SF blockchain week. Justin Sun will be there in person along with a bunch of people in the industry. Get your tickets here: